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1. A display device comprising an array substrate, a counter substrate and a drive circuit, wherein:
the array substrate includes gate lines extending in a first direction, drain lines extending in a second direction different from the first direction, and common electrodes extending in the second direction, and
the counter substrate includes sensing electrodes extending in the first direction, and
the common electrodes are configured to be partitioned over drain lines of pixels of a specific color and to be used also as touch panel scan electrodes, and
the drive circuit is configured so that:
write periods for driving the gate lines and touch sensing periods for driving the scan electrodes are alternately repeated in each frame period, and
signal polarity of drain lines for colors other than the specific color is inverted every frame, and
signal polarity of drain lines for the specific color is inverted at a cycle shorter than one frame, and
the cycle of the signal polarity inversion of the drain lines for the specific color can be changed.