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Display stack
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1. An electronic device comprising;
a display stack including:
a coverglass with a top surface and a bottom surface, the top surface of the coverglass being etched to impart antiglare properties;
a touch layer contacted with the bottom surface of the coverglass;
a lightguide positioned beneath the coverglass and configured to receive light from a light source located adjacent to the lightguide;
a first optically clear adhesive (OCA) layer disposed between the bottom surface of the coverglass and a top surface of the lightguide, the first OCA layer including an acrylic OCA with a predetermined luminous transmittance rating and a silicone OCA with a predefined refractive index;
an electrophoretic display component positioned beneath the lightguide, the electrophoretic display component configured to display content;
a second OCA layer disposed between the lightguide and the electrophoretic display component; and
a ring adhesive disposed around an outer edge of the display stack, the ring adhesive extending from the top surface of the coverglass downward to a bottom surface of the lightguide;
a midframe disposed below the display stack; and
one or more elastically deformable foam components disposed between at least a portion of a bottom surface of the display stack and corresponding portions of a top surface of the midframe.