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Slither sensor
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1. An apparatus for a sensing array, the apparatus comprising:
a bus;
a plurality of spaced apart deformable elements connected to the bus, the deformable elements comprising elongated rectangular ribs, each pair of the elongated rectangular ribs separated by an inter-sensor unit gap sized to accommodate a finger within a glove, wherein each element of the plurality of elements generates a signal representative of a stimulation received, the stimulation comprising a direct physical contact of a gloved finger of a user with the element and a temporary deformation of the element in a direction of movement of the gloved finger of the user, each individual element providing independent tactile feedback to the finger of the user within the glove as the gloved finger of the user is moved from one of the elements to another of the elements;
a signal processor in communication with the bus, wherein the signal processor generates vector information using an aggregation of the signals from the plurality of elements; and
a transmitter for sending the vector information to an application interface, wherein the vector information indicates a movement of the gloved finger of the user across the deformable elements of the sensing array.