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Apparatus for performing gesture recognition and control based on ultrasonic positioning
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1. An apparatus for performing gesture recognition and control based on ultrasonic positioning, comprising:
an ultrasonic transmitter module for providing an original ultrasonic signal;
an ultrasonic receiver for receiving an reflected ultrasonic signal corresponding to the original ultrasonic signal;
a computing module for computing a frequency shift within a time period from the original ultrasonic signal being transmitted to the reflected ultrasonic signal being received, and converting the frequency shift into a gesture characteristic signal;
a gesture database for providing reference gesture characteristic signals, and control signals corresponding to the reference gesture characteristic signals respectively; and
a gesture recognition and control module for comparing the gesture characteristic signal with the reference gesture characteristic signals in the gesture database, and selecting a corresponding control signal from the data base according to a comparison result;
a division module for dividing the original ultrasonic signal transmitted by the ultrasonic transmitter module into several ultrasonic frames based on a time division manner.