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Apparatus and method for inputting character based on hand gesture
Yang Keun Ahn, Seoul (KR); and Kwang Mo Jung, Goyang-si (KR)
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1. An apparatus for inputting a character based on a hand gesture, the apparatus comprising:
at least one processor to implement:
recognizing hand gestures of a user corresponding to horizontal directions, vertical directions, and diagonal directions; and
controlling a character input according to directions of the recognized hand gestures; and
a display configured to display a character pad for the character input, and display characters input according to the directions of the hand gestures recognized on the character pad,
wherein the character pad comprises a character pad interface in which a starting point of the character input indicating a type of characteristics that is enabled to be input through a currently activated interface is positioned in a central area of the character pad interface, and
wherein the at least one processor activates the character pad interface corresponding to the direction of the hand gestures when a hand gesture of dragging a button of the character pad from the starting point is recognized, the character pad interface comprising a plurality of buttons spaced apart from the starting point located in the central area of the character pad interface, and determines a character that is input based on a final position of a last hand gesture on the activated character pad interface when a hand gesture of returning to the starting point is recognized.