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Electronic system with gesture processing mechanism and method of operation thereof
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1. An electronic system comprising:
a control unit configured to:
identify a first sensor reading for capturing a gesture directed at a display interface using a first range profile corresponding to a granularity or sensitivity, a physical location or orientation, or a combination thereof for the first sensor reading;
calculate a first weight associated with the first sensor reading based on a first sensor characteristic;
identify a second sensor reading for capturing the gesture directed at the display interface using a second range profile corresponding to a further granularity or sensitivity, a further physical location or orientation, or a combination thereof for the second sensor reading;
calculate a second weight associated with the second sensor reading based on a second sensor characteristic;
calculate a blended position indicator based on the first sensor reading, the second sensor reading, or a combination thereof according to the first range profile and the second range profile; by applying the first weight to a first position indicator and applying the second weight to a second position indicator; and
a communication interface, coupled to the control unit, configured to communicate the blended position indicator by generating a cursor at the blended position indicator.