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Method for gaze tracking
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1. A method for gaze tracking, comprising:
a. obtaining a digital video stream of a face through a camera, wherein eyes and/or pupils are recognized, to determine a position of said eyes and/or pupils, said eyes and/or pupils being then identified in corresponding boxes in a spatial domain, a content of the boxes being an input for further calculations;
b. transforming, by a processor, the content of the boxes into a frequency domain content;
c. applying to the frequency domain content of said boxes one or more sparse zones by a processor, covering together a fraction of a boxed frequency domain area, and a filtering kernel, at least partially overlapping said one or more sparse zones;
d. performing, by a processor, a multiplication between frequency data within each sparse zone and said kernel, combining the results in a single value;
e. repeating above steps (a) to (d) obtaining for each frame of said digital video stream said single value, wherein fluctuation of said single value is representative of gaze direction changes in time; and
f. sweeping kernel parameters by a processor, to produce an array of values to be processed into a single value;
wherein each sparse zone corresponds to a single channel, and wherein step (e) leads to a single vector of values changing frame by frame.