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Information processing apparatus, non-transitory computer readable medium, and information processing method
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1. An information processing apparatus comprising:
a first controller that outputs a transition signal that indicates a transition to a power-saving mode in which power consumption is reduced compared to a normal mode;
a second controller that outputs instruction information that indicates an instruction provided from the first controller before the transition signal is output on a basis of the transition signal output from the first controller, wherein the instruction information includes an instruction specified by the first controller as having a high order of priority, wherein the instruction having the high order of priority includes an emergency reception command registration command for registering an emergency reception command in a driver for a device, and the emergency reception command is stored in an emergency cue executed in priority to a normal cue that stores a normal command; and
a shared memory that is connected to the first controller and the second controller to be shared and that stores the instruction information output from the second controller even after a transition is made to the power-saving mode.