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Display device equipped with input sensor and control method of display device
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1. A display device equipped with an input sensor comprising:
a display panel including a display element matrix configured to display an image;
an input sensor provided in the display panel, including a drive electrode and a detection electrode, and configured to output a detection signal from the detection electrode;
an image processor configured to output an image signal to be written to the display panel;
a panel controller configured to output a panel drive signal used to drive the display panel;
a sensor driver configured to output a sensor drive signal used to drive the input sensor;
an internal power supply circuit configured to output first, second, third and fourth power supply voltages which are supplied to the image processor, the panel controller, the display panel, and the sensor driver, respectively; and
an energy saving controller configured to set a first period in which the detection signal is captured from the detection electrode of the input sensor, and a second period including a zero period except the first period, and control, in the first period, the first power supply voltage and the second power supply voltage to an off-state or a low voltage, and/or the third power supply voltage to the off-state or the low voltage.