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Systems and methods for dynamic spatial power steering
Jonathan M. Eastep, Portland, OR (US); Rohit Banerjee, Portland, OR (US); Richard J. Greco, West Linn, OR (US); Ilya Sharapov, San Jose, CA (US); David N. Lombard, Rossmoor, CA (US); and Hari K. Nagpal, Southborough, MA (US)
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1. An apparatus comprising:
a memory to store data corresponding to a spatial power distribution;
a power manager comprising logic, at least a portion of which includes hardware, the power manager to:
determine a plurality of phases of an application, wherein each of the plurality of phases comprises a segment of the application that exhibits operational behavior different than that of the other phases, and wherein each segment of the application exhibits predictable operational behavior,
recognize a repeating sequence of phases comprising at least a first iteration of the sequence and a second iteration of the sequence, and
for each of the plurality of phases, determine a spatial power distribution between a plurality of power domains based on a performance metric, wherein for phases in the second iteration of the sequence, the spatial power distribution is based on a corresponding phase in the first iteration of the sequence; and
circuitry to distribute power to the plurality of power domains according to the spatial power distribution,
wherein one or more of the plurality of phases is selected from a group comprising a compute bound phase, a memory bound phase, a communication bound phase, an idle phase, an active phase, and a combination of any of the foregoing phases.