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Low energy processor for controlling operating states of a computer system
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6. A method, comprising:
monitoring an operational parameter of a computing system;
performing a comparison of a value of the operational parameter to a first threshold value;
generating, by a monitor circuit, an interrupt based on a result of the comparison;
sending data indicative of the operational parameter to a power manager processor of the computing system;
in response to receiving the interrupt from the monitor circuit:
exiting a low power mode;
receiving the data by the power manager processor from the monitor circuit;
performing a statistical analysis of the data, by the power manager processor, to generate analysis results, wherein the statistical analysis includes calculating an average;
adjusting, by the power manager processor, one or more performance settings in response to a determination that the analysis result is greater than a second threshold value; and
based on the results of the comparison, disabling further interrupts and enabling a timer circuit.