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Hard drive tray device
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1. A hard drive tray device applied in a server, the server comprising a housing, the hard drive tray device comprising:
a slideable structure transitionable between an expanded position and a closed position relative to the housing substantially in a same plane, the slideable structure comprising a first carrying portion and a second carrying portion, the slideable structure configured to receive two or more storage devices disposed at opposing sides of a receiving space between the first carrying portion and the second carrying portion,
wherein in the expanded position, one of the storage devices and at least a part of the receiving space between the first carrying portion and the second carrying portion are located outside the housing, and each of the two storage devices is in substantially the same plane and removable along the plane of a base, and
wherein, in the expanded position, the receiving space extends a receiving length from the first carrying portion to the second carrying portion, the receiving length being greater than a length of any of the two or more storage devices.