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Biaxial hinge and electronic device having the same
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1. A biaxial hinge comprising:
a rotation cam part including a first rotation cam part and a second rotation cam part, the first rotation cam part being configured to rotate with a first hinge shaft as a first center and the second rotation cam part being configured to rotate with a second hinge shaft as a second center, wherein each of the first and second rotation cam parts include a plurality of pockets each of which comprises one side opened and inwardly recessed;
a sliding cam part comprising one side protruding in a direction of the rotation cam part and an incline so as to move upward and downward in cooperation with rotation of the rotation cam part and insert in one of the plurality of pockets;
a guide part including a through-hole, which is formed at a center portion of the guide part and which the one side protruding from the sliding cam part perforates to guide movement of the sliding cam part; and
a support part configured to support the sliding cam part at a lower portion of the sliding cam part.