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Low power bias current generator and voltage reference
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1. A bias current generator comprising:
a first bipolar transistor and a second bipolar transistor, the second bipolar transistor configured to operate with a different collector current density than the first bipolar transistor to generate a ΔVBE voltage that is a difference in base-emitter voltages of the first and second bipolar transistors;
a plurality of stacked metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) devices biased in a transistor triode operating region and operatively coupled to the first and second bipolar transistors to generate a reference bias current determined by the ΔVBE voltage and an on resistance of the stacked MOS devices;
a biasing MOS device, wherein the plurality of stacked MOS devices have a common source/drain connection coupled to a source/drain of the biasing MOS device and wherein a drain voltage of each of the biasing MOS device and the stacked MOS devices is determined by the ΔVBE voltage; and
a plurality of current mirrors and an amplifier, wherein the stacked MOS devices are coupled between the current mirrors and inputs of an amplifier, the stacked MOS devices comprising a first MOS device coupled to a first input of the amplifier and a second MOS device coupled to a second input of the amplifier.