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Power converter and method for regulating line transient response of the power converter
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1. A power converter, comprising:
an input;
an output;
an energy storage circuit;
a power switching circuit coupled between the input and the output;
a feedback circuit coupled between the output and a ground and configured to generate a feedback voltage;
an error amplifier circuit configured to generate an error amplification signal based on the feedback voltage;
a comparator circuit configured to generate a control signal for controlling turn on and turn off of the power switching circuit based on a first comparison signal related to the error amplification signal and a second comparison signal related to a charging current of the energy storage circuit; and
a regulating circuit coupled between an output of the error amplifier circuit and an input of the comparator circuit for receiving the first comparison signal, wherein the regulating circuit is configured to couple a voltage compensation signal that is constantly proportional to a magnitude of an input voltage received by the input to an output of the error amplifier circuit, so as to reduce a variation amount of the error amplification signal when the input voltage varies.