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Method for powering a module incorporated within a system-on-a-chip and corresponding electronic device
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7. An electronic device, comprising:
a system-on-a-chip, comprising:
a power supply input configured to receive a regulated power supply voltage,
a circuit module configured to be powered by the regulated power supply voltage,
a controller configured to generate a setpoint signal corresponding to a desired regulated power supply voltage for the circuit module,
a voltage adaptation circuit configured to generate a negative feedback voltage starting from an effective supply voltage of the module and from the setpoint signal, and
a setpoint output configured to deliver the negative feedback voltage, a voltage regulator, comprising:
a regulation output coupled to the power supply input,
a negative feedback input coupled to the setpoint output,
wherein the voltage regulator is configured to deliver the regulated power supply voltage to the regulation output starting from a main power supply voltage and from the negative feedback voltage; and
a protection circuit operating during a power-up phase to block influence of the setpoint signal on the negative feedback voltage while simultaneously avoiding an open loop mode of operation for the voltage regulator to supply the power supply voltage.