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Predictive power distribution system for a marine vessel
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1. A system comprising:
a Dynamic Positioning (DP) system;
a pattern recognition function;
a power control unit being connected to at least one power generator and at least one consumer including at least one thruster or other dynamically controlled heavy consumers, power control system being adapted to monitor a measured load in the system from said at least one power generator and power consumption from said at least one consumer;
a prediction allocating system adapted to receive information from each consumer related to a planned or predicted power consumption and to calculate expected power consumption of the system, and feeding allocated power consumption to a motor generator system (MGS) controller so as to increasing or decreasing the power generation based on the planned or predicted power consumption in order to reduce total frequency variation depending on load variations forced by said at least one consumers;
wherein the DP system is adapted to calculate a change in load due of said at least one thruster based on a force demand related to at least one of controlled axes of a marine vessel;
wherein the pattern recognition function is configured to utilize a load consumption pattern from a cyclic load for longer time scale prediction; and
wherein the system is configured to reduce, via the prediction allocating system and MGS, at least one of frequency and voltage variations in a power distribution system in the marine vessel.