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Method for controlling a vehicle and a vehicle guidance system
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1. A system for controlling a vehicle, the system comprising:
a switch;
a mode controller for entering a programming mode or a guidance mode based on user input to the switch;
a programming module for managing a programming mode in which the user enters a guidance program in accordance with a predetermined sequence of inputs of the switch by the user, where readiness for each successive input to the switch is indicated by a light source;
a guidance module for managing a guidance mode for guiding a vehicle in accordance with the entered guidance program;
a data processor executing software instructions associated with the mode controller, the programming module, and the guidance module;
a data storage device for storing the software instructions;
a steering system associated with one or more wheels or tracks of the vehicle;
an encoder for sensing a steering angle of a steering system;
a steering controller associated with the steering system for controlling the steering angle in accordance with the guidance program if the system or the data processor is operating in a guidance mode; and
a detector for identifying a longer duration activation versus a shorter duration activation of the switch, wherein an initial entry determines the operational mode.