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Hologram generation apparatus and method
Hwi Kim, Sejong (KR); and Dajeong Im, Sejong (KR)
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1. A hologram generation apparatus based on a hologram imaging system, which includes an object space where an object is situated and a retina space where an image is formed within an eye, the hologram generation apparatus comprising:
a processor; and
a memory configured to store instructions executable by the processor,
wherein the processor is configured to:
generate first graphic data by transforming a 3D image of a 3D object to a set of polygonal facets,
generate second graphic data by transforming the first graphic data to reference coordinates in the retina space,
generate a first computer generated hologram which is light wave analysis data for the second graphic data, and
transform the first computer generated hologram in the retina space to a second computer generated hologram in the object space.