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Image forming apparatus using pressing plate and computer-readable medium storing instructions to control movement of pressing plate
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1. An electrophotographic image forming apparatus comprising:
a motor;
an image forming device configured to form an image on a printing sheet, the image forming device using a driving force transmitted from the motor;
a fixing device configure to fix the image formed on the printing sheet;
a tray configured to accommodate multiple printing sheets to be conveyed toward the image forming device, the tray being detachably attached to a main body of the image forming apparatus;
a pressing plate configured to move up, with use of a driving force of the motor, the printing sheets accommodated in the tray to a conveying position;
a storage device; and
a controller,
wherein the motor is configured to operable in a first mode in which the motor rotates at a first speed and a second mode in which the motor rotate at a second speed which is slower than the first speed,
wherein the controller is configured to execute:
a storing process in which the controller stores a rotation amount of the motor since the tray is attached to the main body as a stored rotation amount;
a moving process in which the controller moves, in response to receipt of a print instruction, the pressing plate by driving the motor such that:
the controller drives the motor in the first mode when a remaining rotation amount is equal to or larger than a particular threshold rotation amount, the remaining rotation amount being a difference between a target rotation amount, which is a rotation amount necessary to move the pressing plate from a position when the tray is attached to the main body to the conveying position, and the stored rotation amount, which is stored in the storage device; and
the controller drives the motor in the second mode when the remaining rotation amount is less than the particular threshold rotation amount.