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Image forming apparatus, image forming system and image forming method
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1. An image forming apparatus in which tension is applied to a recording medium during secondary transferring, comprising:
an image carrier;
a first rotating member which comes in contact with the image carrier;
a second rotating member which sandwiches the image carrier with the first rotating member to form a nip;
a tension releasing device which releases the tension;
a voltage applier which applies a voltage between the first rotating member and the second rotating member at a predetermined constant current;
a voltage measuring device which measures the voltage applied by the voltage applier;
a nip width adjuster which adjusts a width of the nip;
a controller which controls the nip width adjuster so that a difference between a first voltage which is measured in a state where the tension releasing device is controlled to release the tension applied to the recording medium and a second voltage which is measured in a state where the tension is applied to the recording medium be within a predetermined range, the first voltage and the second voltage being measured by the voltage measuring device.