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Liquid electrophotography ink developer
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1. A liquid electrophotography (LEP) ink developer comprising:
a developer roller rotatable about an axis;
first and second rollers proximate the developer roller;
an inlet chamber extending along the axis from a first end adjacent an inlet opening to a second end opposite the first end;
a neck forming an uninterrupted ink flow path from the inlet chamber to the developer roller, wherein the inlet chamber has a first cross-sectional area proximate to the first end and a second cross-sectional area proximate to the second end adjacent the inlet opening, the second cross-sectional area being greater than the first cross-sectional area, and wherein a first portion of floor is sloped from the second end downwardly towards the first end; and
first and second electrodes that form first and second halves of an enclosure providing separate pieces joined to one another to form the inlet chamber and wherein the apparatus further comprises a seal sealing between the first and second electrodes to close the inlet chamber below the inlet chamber.