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Developer supply container
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1. A developer supply container comprising:
a developer accommodating portion capable of accommodating developer;
a discharge opening configured and positioned to discharge the developer accommodated in said developer accommodating portion from said developer supply container;
a storing portion configured to store the developer to be discharged through said discharge opening, said storing portion being in fluid communication with an inside of said developer accommodating portion and said discharge opening;
a pump portion configured to feed air at least into said storing portion to discharge the developer from said storing portion;
an operating portion including a feeding portion configured to supply the developer into said storing portion;
a scraping portion configured to scrape developer stagnating adjacent to an entrance of said storing portion while regulating flow of the developer into said storing portion, wherein developer feeding by said feeding portion and scraping by said scraping portion are carried out alternately; and
an air flow path provided inside said scraping portion and configured to establish fluid communication between said storing portion and said pump portion to discharge the developer from the discharge opening.