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Stabilizing polymers to control passive leaking of functional materials from delivery members
Sarah J Vella, Milton (CA); Nan-Xing Hu, Oakville (CA); and Yu Liu, Mississauga (CA)
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1. A delivery member for use in an image forming apparatus comprising:
a support member, and
a first layer comprising a cross-linked elastomeric matrix, a stabilizing polymer and a functional material, wherein a weight ratio of the cross-linked elastomeric matrix, the functional material and the stabilizing polymer is 2:1:0.5,
wherein the cross-linked elastomeric matrix is polydimethylsiloxane,
wherein said stabilizing polymer is selected from the group consisting of methylhydrosiloxane-octylmethyl siloxane (MHOMS) copolymer and polytetradecylmethylsiloxane (pTDMS),
wherein the functional material is paraffin oil,
wherein the first layer is disposed on the support member,
wherein the stabilizing polymer and the functional material are dispersed in the cross-linked elastomeric matrix of the first layer,
wherein passive diffusion of the functional material from the delivery member during parking/idling of an image-forming apparatus is eliminated for up to 24 days after formation of the first layer.