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Toner binder and toner
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1. A toner binder containing a polyester resin (P) comprising one or more types of polyester resins obtained by polycondensation of a carboxylic acid component (x) and an alcohol component (y), wherein at least one type (P1) of (P) contains 50 to 95 mol % of an aliphatic diol (y1) having a carbon number of 2 to 4 in the alcohol component (y), and (P) satisfies expressions (1) and (2),
11.5≤SP value [(cal/cm3)1/2] of (P)≤13.0  (1) and
5.2≤HLB value [by Oda method] of (P)≤7.1  (2),
wherein the polyester resin (P1) is one obtained by esterifying 5 mol % or more of the terminal hydroxyl groups with a monocarboxylic acid (x1), one obtained by esterifying 5 mol % or more of the terminal carboxyl groups with a monool, or one obtained by modifying 5 mol % or more of the terminal hydroxyl groups into vinyl groups, and
wherein the polyester resin (P) further satisfies the following expression (3):
Mn of (p)≤3.3×Tg of (P)×the SP value of (P)  (3),
wherein Tg represents a glass transition temperature, and Mn represents a number average molecular weight.