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Lithographic apparatus and device manufacturing method
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1. A lithographic apparatus comprising:
a support configured to support a patterning device, the patterning device configured to impart a radiation beam with a pattern in its cross-section to form a patterned radiation beam;
a substrate table configured to hold a substrate;
a projection system configured to project the patterned radiation beam onto a target portion of the substrate;
a positioning device for in use positioning the substrate table relative to the projection system, the positioning device comprising:
a first positioning member mounted to the substrate table; and
a second positioning member co-operating with the first positioning member to position the substrate table, the second positioning member being mounted to a support structure;
a position measurement system configured to measure a position of a bottom surface of the substrate table in a direction of an optical axis; and
an actuator configured to exert a vertical force on the bottom surface of the substrate table at the position.