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Liquid immersion member, exposure apparatus, exposure method, device fabricating method, program, and recording medium
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1. A liquid immersion member used for forming a liquid immersion space on an object movable below an optical member so that a light path of exposure light emitted from an emission surface of the optical member is filled with liquid, the liquid immersion member comprising:
a first member which is disposed in at least a portion of a periphery of the optical member, the first member having a first surface;
a second member which is movable relative to the first member and which includes a recovery port that recovers at least a portion of the liquid in the liquid immersion space, the second member having a second surface that faces the first surface of the first member with a gap between the first and second surfaces; and
a gas supply opening facing the gap between the first member and the second member, from which gas is supplied to the gap, the gas supply opening being disposed in at least one of the first and second surfaces.