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Liquid immersion member, exposure apparatus, exposing method, method of manufacturing device, program, and recording medium
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1. A liquid immersion member that is used in a liquid immersion exposure apparatus which exposes a substrate by exposure light via a first liquid between an emitting surface of an optical member and the substrate, and is capable of forming a liquid immersion space on an object movable below the optical member, the liquid immersion member comprising:
a first liquid supply part that is configured to supply the first liquid;
a first member that is disposed at at least a portion of surrounding of the optical member;
a second member that is capable of being opposite to the object, and is movable outside an optical path of the exposure light; and
a second liquid supply part that is configured to supply a second liquid,
wherein the second member is moved so that one of a first state and a second state is changed to the other state, the first state being a state in which the second member is opposite to the second liquid supply part and the second state being a state in which the second member is not opposite to the second supply part.