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Mirror, in particular for a microlithographic projection exposure apparatus
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1. A mirror having an optically effective surface, comprising
a mirror substrate;
a reflection layer stack configured to reflect electromagnetic radiation that is incident on the optically effective surface;
a metallic diffusion barrier layer arranged on a side of the reflection layer stack that faces toward the optically effective surface; and
a stabilization layer arranged on a side of the diffusion barrier layer that faces toward the optically effective surface,
wherein the stabilization layer reduces deformation of the diffusion barrier layer compared to an analogous mirror structure of the mirror without such a stabilization layer upon irradiation of the optically effective surface with electromagnetic radiation; and
wherein the stabilization layer has a porosity with a relative density, which is defined as a ratio between geometric density and true density, of at most 80% and is configured to decrease the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by the stabilization layer compared to an analogous layer structure having a higher true density.