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1. A method of treating a substrate using a block copolymer containing a hydrophilic polymer and a hydrophobic polymer, the substrate treatment method comprising:
a neutral layer forming step of forming, on the substrate, a neutral layer having an intermediate affinity to the hydrophilic polymer and the hydrophobic polymer;
a resist pattern forming step of performing exposure processing on a resist film formed on the neutral layer, and then developing the resist film after the exposure processing to form a resist pattern;
a block copolymer coating step of applying the block copolymer to the substrate after formation of the resist pattern;
a polymer separation step of phase-separating the block copolymer into the hydrophilic polymer and the hydrophobic polymer; and
a polymer removal step of selectively removing the hydrophilic polymer from the phase-separated block copolymer,
wherein in the polymer removal step, the hydrophilic polymer is removed by:
irradiating the phase-separated block copolymer with an energy ray;
then supplying a first polar organic solvent having a first degree of dissolving the hydrophilic polymer, being lower in boiling point than water and capable of dissolving water, and not dissolving the hydrophobic polymer, to the block copolymer; and
then supplying a second polar organic solvent having a second dissolving degree lower than the first dissolving degree, being higher in boiling point than water, and not dissolving the hydrophobic polymer, to the block copolymer.