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Omnidirectional bracket for cameras and accessories
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1. An omnidirectional camera and accessory bracket for mounting and fixing a camera relative to a support, the bracket comprising:
a first arm having a first ball head camera mount, the first arm coupled to a central hub having a clamping knob;
a second arm having a second ball head camera mount, the second arm coupled to the central hub;
the central hub defining a common axis about which the first arm rotates;
the central hub comprising a first bushing rotatable about the common axis in tandem with the first arm;
the first bushing having a first ramp coupled to a first pressure cup under a first ball head in the first ball head camera mount; and
first teeth and second teeth in a facing arrangement, wherein the first teeth and the second teeth are configured to engage each other when the clamping knob is rotated, wherein the clamping knob is configured to move the first ramp along the common axis, urging the first pressure cup against the first ball head.