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Configurable compact motorized dolly
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1. A compact motorized dolly comprising:
an elongated casing defining a longitudinal axis and incorporating a power source and a drive motor, the elongated casing having a proximal end and a distal end spaced apart along the axis;
a single circular drive wheel rotatably affixed to the distal end of the elongated casing and coupled to the drive motor such that actuation of the drive motor causes the drive wheel to turn about the axis;
a device mount secured to the compact motorized dolly such that a device mounted to the device mount moves along with the compact motorized dolly when the drive motor is activated;
a wheel assembly detachably affixed perpendicular to and at a proximal end of the elongated casing, the wheel assembly comprising a set of wheels comprising a second and a third circular wheel fixed at opposite ends of the wheel assembly, each of the set of wheels rotable about an axis such that when the drive motor turns the first circular wheel, the set of wheels is driven, wherein the device mount is affixed to the wheel assembly; and
a first and a second flange, each affixed at opposing ends of the wheel assembly and incorporating one of the second and the third wheel, wherein the first and the second flange are mounted to the wheel assembly using a first hinge and a second hinge such that an angle of the second wheel and the third wheel relative to the first wheel may be altered through movement of the respective first or second hinge so that operation of the drive motor causes the compact motorized dolly to move along a curved path.