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Liquid crystal display device
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1. A liquid crystal display device, comprising:
an array substrate including:
a gate line extending in a first direction,
a source line extending in a second direction orthogonally crossing the first direction,
an auxiliary capacitance line having a trunk portion extending in the first direction so as to cross the source line and a branch portion branched from the trunk portion and extending along the source line,
a switching element formed in a region in which the source line crosses the gate line each other, the switching element including a drain line extending under the source line and arranged under the auxiliary capacitance line so as to face the trunk portion and the branch portion thereof, and
a pixel electrode having a main pixel electrode extending substantially in parallel to the source line and a contact portion electrically connected coupled with the drain line;
a counter substrate facing the array substrate; and
a liquid crystal layer held between the array substrate and the counter substrate and containing liquid crystal molecules.