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1. A display device, comprising:
a first substrate including:
a first insulating substrate,
a first organic layer arranged in a peripheral area outside an active area displaying images, the first organic layer including a first surface and a first groove portion in the peripheral area, and
an insulating film between the first insulating substrate and the first organic layer in the peripheral area;
a second substrate including:
a second insulating substrate,
a shield layer arranged above the second insulating substrate facing the first substrate in the peripheral area, and
a second organic layer arranged above the shield layer facing the first substrate in the peripheral area, the second organic layer including a second surface and a second groove portion arranged facing the first groove portion in the peripheral area; and
a seal material arranged between the first surface and the second surface and between the first groove portion and the second groove portion to attach the first substrate and the second substrate,
wherein the second groove portion penetrates to the shield layer, and
wherein the first groove portion penetrates to the insulating film.