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Transparent display panel and color filter substrate thereof
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1. A color filter (CF) substrate, comprising:
a substrate, comprising a color resistant section and a transparent section, and at least one part of the transparent section located between an area of any two of the adjacent color resistant sections;
a color resistant layer, disposed on the color resistant section, and comprising one or more color resistant units;
a transparent material layer, disposed on the transparent section, and comprising two transparent units;
a protective layer, disposed on both of the color resistant layer and the transparent material layer; and
an electrode layer, disposed on the protective layer,
wherein the transparent unit comprises a light transmittance, the light transmittance is the ratio of light shining on the transparent unit to light penetrating the transparent unit, and a value of the light transmittance ranges from 10% and 99.9%;
the transparent unit surrounds the color resistant unit;
a first side of the transparent unit is wrinkle-shaped, and the first side of the transparent unit is perpendicular to a flat surface where the surface is located.