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Deformable membrane assemblies
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1. A deformable membrane assembly comprising:
an elastic membrane that is held under tension around its edge by a flexible membrane supporting member;
a body of fluid in contact with one face of the membrane, the pressure of the fluid being controllable for adjusting the shape of the membrane by causing the membrane to distend in a direction of distention;
wherein the membrane supporting member is configured to bend in a direction of a primary bending axis, the primary bending axis being substantially parallel to the direction of distension, the membrane supporting member configured to bend by localized deflection at one or more regions located around the membrane supporting member, the localized deflection on the primary bending axis to change the profile of the edge of the membrane as the membrane is distended; and
one or more bending controllers acting on the supporting member in a plane normal to the primary bending axis to control the bending of the supporting member in response to loading through tension in the membrane;
wherein the one or more bending controllers resist deformation of the membrane supporting member in the plane normal to the primary bending axis while allowing for substantial deflection of the supporting member on the primary bending axis.