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Support information display method, maintenance support method of substrate processing apparatus, support information display control apparatus, substrate processing system and recording medium
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1. A support information display method for a computer to display support information for maintenance in real time on a head mount display which an operator wears during the maintenance of a substrate processing apparatus by the operator, the method comprising:
an acquiring process for acquiring a first image photographed via a camera provided in the head mount display;
an estimating process for estimating the support information related to a predetermined part in the first image from information stored in a database;
a disaster information acquiring process for acquiring disaster information on a disaster occurring on a place in which the substrate processing apparatus is provided or alarm information indicating that another apparatus installed at the place approaches the operator;
an image creating process for creating a second image by converting the support information estimated in the estimating process into an image and creating a third image by converting the disaster information and the alarm information acquired in the disaster information acquiring process into an image; and
a displaying process for displaying the second image and the third image on the head mount display in order for the operator to visually recognize the support information, the disaster information, and the alarm information.