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Photographic optical system
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1. A photographic optical system comprising, in an order from an object side to an image side:
a first lens, a second lens, a third lens, a fourth lens, a fifth lens, a sixth lens and a seventh lens; wherein the photographic optical system further meets the following conditions (1)˜(7):
10<f1/f<40  (1);
20<f2/f<80  (2);
0.5<f3/f<1.5  (3);
−2.5<f4/f<−0.5  (4);
−10<f5/f<−2  (5);
0.2<f6/f<1.2  (6);
−1.5<f7/f<−0.4  (7);
f1: The focal length of the first lens;
f2: The focal length of the second lens;
f3: The focal length of the third lens;
f4: The focal length of the fourth lens;
f5: The focal length of the fifth lens;
f6: The focal length of the sixth lens;
f7: The focal length of the seven lens;
f: The focal length of whole photography optical system.