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Adjustable mounting arrangement for an object to be positioned precisely relative to a base
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1. An adjustable support assembly for an object of an optical mirror telescope to be accurately positioned relative to a base, the adjustable support assembly comprising:
at least one support structure connected to the base and to the object;
at least two struts extending in a non-parallel manner relative to each other,
wherein each of the at least two struts has an associated drivable actuator element that is configured to apply a force onto a corresponding one of the at least two struts such that the corresponding one of the at least two struts is deflected transversely to a longitudinal extension thereof, and
wherein the at least one support structure is supported relative to the base in an articulated manner; and
a plurality of support structures that form a suspension of the object that corresponds to a main mirror,
wherein the base comprises a housing of the optical mirror telescope,
wherein the object further comprises a bracket means of a secondary mirror of the optical mirror telescope, and
wherein the secondary mirror is coaxially adjustable by the drivable actuator elements relative to the main mirror in relation to a mirror telescope axis of the optical mirror telescope.