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Optical fiber terminal fixing tool for winding optical fiber and optical fiber winding method
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1. An optical fiber terminal fixing tool for winding an optical fiber which is mounted on a rotating shaft of an optical fiber winding machine, and holds and fixes a terminal portion of a winding start side of the optical fiber to be wound between a first flange portion provided outside an optical fiber winding bobbin and the optical fiber terminal fixing tool, comprising:
a disc-shaped substrate having a plate surface;
a holding surface which is provided on the plate surface and interposes the terminal portion of the optical fiber between the holding surface and the first flange portion; and
a protrusion which continues in a circumferential direction with a larger diameter than an outer diameter of the first flange portion in an outer circumferential portion on the plate surface while protruding toward the bobbin in a state where the fixing tool is mounted on the rotating shaft of the optical fiber winding machine, wherein
a cross-sectional shape of the protrusion in a radial direction of the disc-shaed substrate has an approximately triangular shape.