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Cable-equipped connector
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1. A cable-equipped connector system, comprising:
a composite connector, and
a composite cable comprising an optical fiber cable and electrical cables, the optical fiber cable and electrical cables being separate from each other, the optical fiber cable and electrical cables both connected to the composite connector, wherein
said composite connector is electrically connectable to a mating electrical connector, the mating electrical connector being a connection counterpart of the composite connector, and the composite connector comprises a conversion element that converts optical signals and electrical signals, a circuit board in which circuit components for transmitting electrical signals are provided to a plate-shaped substrate and to which said conversion element is electrically connected, and a housing that houses said conversion element, said circuit board and the ends of said electrical cables;
said optical fiber cable is connected to said conversion element; and
said electrical cables are isolated in the cable-equipped connector system in which terminals to be electrically connected to said mating electrical connector are provided to the ends of the electrical cables;
wherein, in said housing, the ends of said electrical cables are isolated, in a direction perpendicular to the direction of the connection with said mating electrical connector, from at least either one of said conversion element or the circuit components of said circuit board by a separator of the housing or the substrate of said circuit board.