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Lens member, method of manufacturing the same, communication module, lens array, and light-source module
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1. A lens member to be surface-mounted to a substrate, the lens member comprising:
a glass lens that has been previously made; and
a mounting portion including a material different from the glass lens, provided by flowing the material in a flowable state into a mold in which the glass lens is disposed and fixing the material, the mounting portion housing therein at least a portion of the glass lens,
wherein the mounting portion has a polygonal column shape including a top face, a bottom face, and plural side faces,
wherein an incident face of the glass lens, where light to the glass lens is incident, and an emission face of the glass lens, where light from the glass lens is emitted, are exposed by way of openings provided on the top face and on the bottom face of the mounting portion, and
wherein one of the plural side faces of the mounting portion is a reference face that abuts on a mounting face in a case where the glass lens is surface-mounted to the substrate.