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Traceable networking cables with remote-released connectors
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1. A networking cable for transmitting data, comprising:
one or more transmission lines encased in a flexible sheath;
a connector hood on each end of the networking cable, each connector hood comprising:
a distal end configured to extend into a mating connector or jack;
a lever configured to engage the mating connector or jack to resist removal of the distal end; and
an extender configured to be coupled to the lever and configured to be pulled longitudinally away from the distal end to draw a portion of the lever laterally toward one or more cables
at least one conducting wire deployed along the length of the one or more transmission lines;
an electrically activated telltale incorporated into one of the connector hoods;
an electric power source incorporated into one of the connector hoods;
a manually operated switch incorporated into one of the connector hoods and electrically connected to the electrically activated telltale, the electric power source, and the at least one conductor, and configured to be actuated to activate the electrically activated telltale;
where the electrically activated telltale is mounted on the extender of the connector hood, and a flexible circuit extends along at least a portion of a length of the extender and is electrically coupled to the electrically activated telltale and the manually operated switch.