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Optical fiber holding component, receptacle-equipped pigtail, patch cord, and optical module
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1. An optical fiber holding component, comprising:
a ferrule having a front end and a rear end;
an optical fiber comprising a front end portion which is inserted into the ferrule and is fixed thereto, and comprises a rear end side drawn to an outside from the rear end of the ferrule;
a holder which surrounds part of the optical fiber drawn from the rear end of the ferrule and holds a rear end portion of the ferrule; and
a case comprising a press-fitted region which is press-fitted to an outer peripheral surface of a front end portion of the holder which is located at a position closer to the front end of the ferrule than to a rear end surface position of the ferrule that is not covered by the press-fitted region, the case comprising a covering portion extending from the press-fitted region and surrounding the holder, the covering portion having an inner diameter larger than an outer diameter of the holder.