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Optical receptacle, ferrule, and plug ferrule
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1. A ferrule for being optically connected to one other member via an optical receptacle into which the ferrule may be inserted and removed, the ferrule comprising:
an optical fiber which conducts light, and
a foreign matter movement suppressor provided in an end surface of the ferrule which suppresses movement of foreign matter due to inserting and removing the ferrule, wherein
the end surface is polished into a convex spherical configuration on an end thereof which extends from a tapered outer circumferential portion of the ferrule and is configured to be to be connected to the one other member,
the foreign matter movement suppressor suppressing movement of foreign matter moving-from an outer circumferential portion of the ferrule toward a central portion of the end surface,
the foreign matter movement suppressor including a recess provided in the end of the end surface having the convex spherical configuration, the recess extending in a circumferential configuration,
an arithmetic average roughness of an inner surface of the recess being not less than 0.8 micrometers and not more than 3.2 micrometers.