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Integrated on-chip polarizer
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1. A waveguide polarizer, comprising:
an input optical waveguide capable of supporting a first mode and a second mode;
an output optical waveguide; and
a mode-selective expander (MSE) extending optically between the input and output optical waveguides and comprising:
a core waveguiding region disposed to receive light of the first mode and light of the second mode from the input optical waveguide, and
an outer waveguiding region disposed alongside the core waveguiding region in optical communication therewith,
wherein at least one of the core waveguiding region and the outer waveguiding region are configured to preferentially expand the light of the second mode from the core waveguiding region into the outer waveguiding region, and to propagate the light of the first mode along the core waveguiding region, while being substantially confined within said core waveguiding region, for coupling into the output optical waveguide, with the outer waveguiding region remaining substantially absent of the light of the first mode;
wherein the MSE comprises an input taper section wherein the outer waveguiding region gradually widens in a direction of light propagation, and the core waveguiding region gradually narrows in the direction of light propagation.