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Display apparatus having folded light guide member
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1. A display apparatus comprising:
a display panel which is curved and displays an image; and
a backlight unit which generates and provides light to the display panel,
wherein the backlight unit comprises:
a light guide film which defines:
a light emission part thereof facing the display panel,
a folding part thereof extending from the light emission part to be folded in a folded state of the light guide film, and
a light incident part thereof extending from the folding part to face the display panel with the light emission part therebetween,
the light incident part extended at a first end thereof from the folding part and defining a light incident surface of the light guide film at a second end of the light incident part opposite to the first end thereof; and
a light source unit overlapped with the light emission part defined by the light guide film to face the light incident surface of the light guide film defined by the light incident part thereof.