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Apparatus and method for coating lenses
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1. A coating apparatus comprising an enclosed area, the coating apparatus comprising:
a mechanical arm configured to receive and maintain a lens in a desired orientation;
a loading station comprising a loading platform configured to receive the lens and maintain the lens within the enclosed area;
a coating station configured to coat the lens while the lens is oriented in the desired orientation, wherein the coating station comprises a spraying mechanism that directs an upward spray toward a bottom surface of the lens;
a drying/curing station configured to cure the bottom surface of the lens oriented in the desired orientation using an upward transmission of radiant energy; and
a programmable controller configured to control the mechanical arm to move along a linear track between the coating station and drying/curing station and expose the lens to the coating station for a coating procedure and the drying/curing station for a curing procedure for a predetermined amount of time;
wherein the programmable controller is further configured to control the mechanical arm to move linearly and collect the lens from the loading station without operator handling of the lens.