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Method and system for determining downhole optical fiber orientation and/or location
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1. An apparatus, comprising:
i) a downhole device adapted to be inserted into a wellbore, the downhole device including a transducer arranged to adapt the heat energy of an interior surface of the wellbore at one or more discrete points so as to alter a temperature of the surface of the wellbore at said one or more discrete points, wherein the transducer is further arranged in use to adapt the heat energy to the interior surface of the wellbore around at least a majority of a circumference of the interior surface of the wellbore; and
ii) an optical fiber distributed temperature sensor system having a sensing optical fiber deployed down the wellbore, the optical fiber distributed temperature sensor system being adapted to detect the change in temperature of a surface of the wellbore caused by the downhole device contained within the wellbore, wherein the detection of the change in temperature comprises detecting maxima or minima in the detected temperature measurements and identifying the one or more points at which said maxima or minima occur, wherein a position of the optical fiber around the wellbore can be inferred to be at or close to said points.