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Method for managing the target location of a vessel
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1. A method for managing a target location of at least a first vessel in a seismic survey involving at least one vessel, comprising:
the first vessel performing a series of shots according to a predefined set of shot points, called a preplot,
during at least a part of the seismic survey, computing an updated position of a center of the target location for the first vessel, using a trend, as a function of time, of a curve representing a time prediction shift for a shot point of the set, for the first vessel, and depending on at least one parameter related to capabilities of a vessel involved in the seismic survey, said time prediction shift being computed as the difference between a corrected time prediction that corresponds to a time at which the first vessel will perform the shot and a time prediction corresponding to a time at which the first vessel predicts to reach a planned shot point of said preplot; and
navigating the first vessel based on the updated position.